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Our Blog April 11, 2023

Create and use an email that expires after 10 minutes

Writen by Ivsoft

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Often times, when you want to access a service offered through a website, you need to leave an e-mail. If you do not plan to return to the site, leaving an e-mail can cause you problems, especially when it comes to unnecessarily filling your inbox with spam messages.

So, every time you are asked to leave an email, but you don’t want it to be your main email, it is recommended to make a temporary one. 10 Minute Mail is a website that, after you visit it, automatically creates an e-mail that lasts only 10 minutes. After the time expires, the e-mail is deactivated, but in the meantime, you can receive, read and review all the e-mails that reach you on it.

As you can see from the image above, the email we sent to the temporary can be viewed from here, replied to or forwarded to a third email. From the front, you get information about how many emails you have received, and if you click on the Get 10 more minutes button, the life of the temporary email will be extended for another 10 minutes.

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