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Web page April 11, 2023

What structure and design should your website have?

Writen by Ivsoft

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Knowing your group of customers and visitors

First, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your customers to do when they come to your website. Whether it’s making a purchase, opening an account, or filling out a contact form with a question about your services or products, this is the first question you should have answered before you start creating content for your website. Just as you need to know what you want to achieve, it’s good to accurately guess what the demographic characteristics of the audience that will visit your website are so that you can tailor the content and deliver it in an understandable way.

Priority: mobile version of the website

Over half of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, so it’s important for website design and layout to be attractive to visitors.

Therefore, first adjust the length of your web page content to fit a mobile or tablet screen. A few years ago it was a trend to design for mobile first and create a second website design that fits desktop screens. However, with the rise of mobile devices, content is now optimized for both mobile devices and larger screens, and designers create just one website that easily adapts to all sizes. For some businesses it is still more useful to make a desktop version and then for mobile devices. It is important to understand the profile of the website user, what device they use most often.

Mobile design usually looks better with shorter text. Due to the scrolling habit of mobile device screens (smartphones and tablets), there is no limit to the height of the web page. The screen width of these devices makes the simple content format much easier to use. Due to the lack of space, the content is much more concentrated on mobile devices, which means that the business needs to include only the most important elements. Texts should be shorter, and calls to action more frequent and longer. On the other hand, video content, which is of great importance for desktop devices, is not so easy to insert in the mobile version (instead of video, it is better to upload a static image).

Home page content

It has been proven that the average time people spend on web pages is around 45 seconds, which means that the type of content you have on your web page should be carefully chosen. The home page is the first thing a visitor will see when they arrive on your website, and its purpose is to easily direct people to the right place to convert time spent on the website into sales.

The home page should be clear and concise with links that lead visitors to pages that either sell, inform or generate more time spent on the site. For this reason, catchy headlines and visuals are a proven way to grab attention and get visitors to click through to the next section of your page. There’s no better way to sell something, whether it’s a service or a product, than to give them a visual to show them what they could be getting when they buy from your business.

On most websites the navigation is at the top of the home page and stays in the same position on every page throughout the website. The top navigation is a series of links to key pages, and clicking on them takes you to shopping or information pages. The content added to the navigation should be easy to understand, in order for the visitors to have a clear and understandable understanding of everything that is offered on your website. Navigations should also include links to social media and the blog – both are key content areas for generating more time spent on web pages and increasing visitor engagement.

You have a free trial version of Far Cry 6 available, so if you haven’t tried this FPS game yet, you have nothing to lose. Veterans, on the other hand, can finally start a new game, significantly more difficult, but with all the weapons and equipment carried over from the first game. You also have a guide at your disposal that signals what you have missed.

Landing pages

Landing pages are essentially a sub-version of your home page and allow you to categorize your website content so visitors can quickly find what they need without reading or viewing everything else.

Landing pages usually link to top navigation as well as content points on the home page that should be visually well positioned or use shorter, more catchy titles.

The goal of cross-linking website content landing pages is to keep all visitors on your website, whether they are there to browse or have the exact intent of their visit to your website. For example, a link to an “About Us” page can be included in the top navigation, which is useful for people researching your company or new site visitors.

However, a returning customer doesn’t need to read all of this content and can just click right through to the “Buy Now” page to get to their desired destination faster.


Blogs have become an incredibly valuable content type for all brands because it allows you to keep your content relevant and write longer form content that doesn’t take up space on your website. Blog posts are a key content area where you can engage.

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