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Our Blog Our Posts August 10, 2023

Zoom urged employees to return to the office

Writen by Ivsoft

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One of the companies that managed to profit from the Covid pandemic – Zoom, called its employees to go back to the offices. In 2019, when the pandemic started, Zoom video chats made communication possible, when face-to-face conversations were almost impossible. Now they too are ready for a new-old way of working.

All Zoom employees who live within 80 kilometers (50 miles) of the offices will need to start coming into the office. The company hasn’t completely shifted to working from the office, and for now they have a fairly liberal hybrid model. Zoom employees have to work 2 days from the office and can work from home the rest of the days. The transition to the hybrid mode of operation will begin in August and September. In January 2022, only 2% of Zoom employees worked from the office.

“We believe that a structured hybrid approach—which requires employees who live near the office to have to come to the office to interact with their teams—is most effective for Zoom. As a company, we will be in a better position to leverage our technologies, continue to innovate and offer support to customers around the world,” a company spokesperson told Business Insider.

In 2020, under the pressure of the pandemic, Zoom’s shares grew 6-fold. For the most part, the reason for this was that the employees were “closed” at home. Since then, the company’s value has fallen by $100 billion. Part of the reasons for the decline are competitors such as Microsoft’s Teams, but also the return of employees to offices.

Zoom was one of the last companies where working from the office is not mandatory. From April 2022, Google employees work from the office at least 3 days a week. From September 2022, the same applies to Apple employees. Elon Musk stopped working from home at Twitter as soon as he bought the micro-blog.

In the US, only 12 percent of workers work exclusively from home. Most now work in offices, and 29 percent have a hybrid way of working. This is still a significant jump compared to the period 5 years ago, and before the pandemic, when only 5% of workers worked from home.


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