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3 apps for listening to podcasts

Writen by Ivsoft

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Listening to podcasts can be a perfect activity when you’re on the go, or when you just want to relax. No matter what podcasts you like to listen to, you need an app that will meet your needs. On this occasion, we have selected 3 applications that could impress you with their intuitive interfaces and rich playback capabilities.

In a sea of podcast listening apps, Google Podcasts and Spotify still stand out as the ultimate champions, but since most of you are already familiar with these two apps, we decided to go with lesser-known but equally solid alternatives. .

PodBean, 4.6 rating, based on 190,000 reviews

Unlike most of the competition, PodBean lets you listen to live podcasts and interact in real time! The app features intelligent playback speed and lets you automatically adjust the speed depending on what you’re listening to. Along with this, you will come across numerous recommendations tailored to your taste, as well as opportunities to record your own podcast!


Castbox, 4.7 rating, based on 291,000 reviews

Like PodBean, Castbox boasts an abundance of features, a tool that lets you both listen to podcasts and socialize with a community of listeners. When interacting with podcasts, you can change the speed, shorten the pauses between speaking, increase the volume, and more! The app has a great system for recommending and serving podcasts, but the free version can choke you with constant ad serving.


Stitcher, 4.6, rating based on 69,500 reviews

And as a third app, we wanted to mention Stitcher – home to thousands of podcasts. Through a simple interface, you can adjust speed, remove silence, and set a timer to automatically stop playback. Easily access podcasts like NPR, Wondery, WNYC, New York Times, Earwolf, Exactly Right, and more, neatly sorted into categories like politics, comedy, crime, and more!

Our reader kirev pointed out to us that after 15 years of operation, the app is shutting down at the end of this month…. πŸ™

Those were the three apps we would dare to recommend for listening to podcasts. In case we made a mistake in the selection or missed someone really good, definitely tell us in the comments!


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