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Our Blog Our Posts August 17, 2023

Start from the beginning – from the website

Writen by Ivsoft

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The mobile phone, as well as the laptop, are our everyday tools without which hardly anyone can function. The new habits acquired and needs of the period of COVID-19 have created a great awareness and prompted urgency in the decisions of making a website for any business, dealing with products or services. A website with or without a store is the basis for online presence and digital marketing activities. During the lockdown period, every business that had its own website, especially a store, managed to successfully overcome it. Some industries have not even felt the problem in their sales, such as fast food and delivery restaurants, air conditioning, nutritional supplements, etc.

Yes, we have gotten used to being with the mobile phone in our hand every day, but also with the laptop or desktop in front of us, for several hours a day. And as users, we always have high expectations of everything we click on. At every click, we expect content to be displayed quickly, for it to be readable, and to quickly answer the questions we are facing and for which we started searching. And on the business side, the expectation is that each and every visitor to a website will take an action that will result in a new customer and a new sale.

Everything we see on the internet, portals, websites of businesses, profiles on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and others, even email services like gmail, outlook, yahoo, are basically services based on a web page. Yes, there is different software in the background with different functions, but we, the users, interact with that software through a web page, so we quickly solve “our problem”.

The website is the basis for online presence and successful digital marketing

The main place where the company is present on the Internet is its own website. It contains all the content that the business communicates with the customers, in order to achieve its goal. And after the content is placed on the website, it is shared on different communication channels to show it to a larger audience, so that existing and new customers can come from there, so that the business can make a relationship with the customer, for example a sale.

There are different channels for communication, i.e. sharing the content from your own website. It can be social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as email marketing, and more.

The belief of many businesses is wrong, which briefly sounds like this: we are on Facebook or Instagram, and we are doing great, we don’t need anything else.

Yes, that may be the case at the moment, but there is no guarantee that it will remain so. Social networks and the rules for their use are changing, techniques are being improved, competition in content is high, so it is unlikely that the current success, as well as satisfaction from that marketing activity, will remain present in the long term with good results. It is a risky belief, which can also harm the business.

You can’t have a window in a world famous art gallery without a studio at home

The website is the foundation of the online presence of the business, and therefore a key tool for quality digital marketing. Therefore, creating your own website, constantly creating content on the website that “will be interesting” for search engines such as Google, Bing, and of course buyers, then constant technical upgrading with innovations that will allow it to be fast, SEO optimized, with modern design and excellent user experience, is the main and initial activity of every business regardless of size and age.

So, if you don’t have one, make a website now. Or, if you have it, work on it daily, enrich it, improve it. The team can help you in both situations. Contact us and make an appointment for a free consultation.

If you have an outdated website, you have an advantage over others

You already have experience, results, and you know what you need to improve. If you have no idea and would like us to help you, contact us.
And you’ve surely learned your lesson: you need a stable partner who will provide you with everything your business website needs to meet all the parameters to provide value and results in your successful digital marketing activities.

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