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Facebook VS Website: Which is Better for Your Online Presence?

Writen by Ivsoft

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Social media has become an integral part of our everyday life in recent years. They allow us to connect with other people every day, communicate and share new information about our business. But are Facebook and Instagram enough for a quality online presence when building and growing your business?

There are several reasons why it is good to have your own website in addition to Facebook and Instagram profile.

Complete control over the content you publish

When you have your own website you have the opportunity to create and publish any type of content, without any restrictions. On Facebook and Instagram your content is subject to their terms and conditions and they can remove or ban your profile if they deem it inappropriate.

Google has the largest share of online searches

Globally, Google accounts for 84% share of the search market (the data is for 2022). Facebook doesn’t even come close to this percentage of searches, given that Facebook is a social network, not a search engine.

Having your own website allows you to optimize your search for keywords that are relevant to your business. Through your website, you can increase the visibility of your brand, generate leads and increase sales.

Data Ownership

When you have a website, you have insight into your customer data, such as email, phone numbers, and history of interactions with you or purchases. In the future, you can use this data to create a loyal relationship between you and your customers. If you use Facebook, this data belongs to Facebook and they can use it for their own purposes.

You own your website

We live in a time when trends and technology change rapidly. But what if the only tool for promoting your business is Facebook, and its popularity starts to decline as happened with MySpace and many others. How will it affect your business?

By building your own website, no one can take away your customer data and the brand you’ve created in the online world. You own it and it will not fade or disappear until you decide

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